A return policy is a set of rules or rules established by a company that indicate the possibility that a customer can return the products purchased in it in exchange for their money or another product, as well as the terms and conditions under which they may make said return effective.

Having a return policy is an excellent way to offer our customers an extra service, and thus have all the advantages that this entails, such as greater customer satisfaction, the possibility of being visited again, and the possibility They recommend us with other consumers.

In its article number 33, paragraph 6, the legislation explains that consumers have the right to a timely repair and in adequate technical conditions for the damages and losses they have suffered, as long as the supplier has not offered the information on the precautions to Take with the product.

We define our return policy, determining the following aspects:

The conditions under which customers can be returned their money, for example, when the vehicle presents failures during the transfer and this delays the arrival at the destination, unsatisfactory services, etc.

The period that the client will have to make his claim will be up to 7 days after the service has been performed.

The requirements to make a return effective, so that the client can justify his displeasure with our transport service sincerely.

If before the dissatisfaction of the client, the same requires that his money be returned, the service may also be changed or for a similar one.

Situation Management:

When a customer approaches us to request a return, we must assume that the return will be justified and assume that somehow it is we who have made a mistake and have established a defective or unsatisfactory service.

Therefore, our professional ethics is to apologize to the client for the inconvenience caused, ask what the problem is, listen carefully, and then ask how we can compensate.

Cash back:

Subsequently and depending on the case that is exposed, we will return your money to the customer, or replace the service by offering something more rewarding.

In case of transfers or any other service, we must ensure that the new repair service works correctly.

Once we have returned the money or exchanged a product, we can take advantage of the situation to compensate the client for the time and inconvenience we have caused, giving him something extra.

For example, we may choose to provide you with a discount voucher for other products.

Corrective Study:

Finally, to protect us from unscrupulous customers who may want to take advantage of our return policy, every time a customer wants to make a return that does not seem justified to us, we report the incident in the control document, and then take the necessary corrective measures.

Likewise, if the client asks us for several unjustified money returns (say one three), in a short period of time (say about six months), then we will have all the necessary justification to deny his next request for return.